About linx

 Linx Network Solutions is a top class ICT, GIS, and Project Management solutions provider with customers spanning the Banking, Telecommunications, Public Sector, Private Sector, and Non-Government Organizations.

Linx Network Solutions offers the services in the areas of: ICT Consultancy and Policy Development, Project Management, Web-based Software Development (using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, Oracle Developer suite, Delphi, Java, Open-Source technologies, to mention but a few), and Data Mining (using SPSS  and STATA among others), Email, Internet and Website solutions, Structured Cabling and Networking, Database Administration and Support (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase), Oracle Applications implementation and support and Project Management.

Linx Network Solutions works several International partners such as Oracle, Microsoft, CISCO, Dell, D-Link, Kaspersky, and I-Flex.

Mission Statement
Achieve a sustained growth in customer base through technology, innovation and research, filtered in by good customer relations.

To be the best IT consulting firm in the region, provide customer with service and solve their needs through technology.

Our values include:

Integrity: We exist to provide total business solutions to our clients with unquestioned levels of integrity by always delivering whatever we promise, on time and within budget, using state-of-the art technologies.

Customer-Focus: The recognize that customers are the only reason for our existence and, therefore, always endeavor to provide highest live; of customer service, before and after transactions, regardless of contract price, size of customer or proximity to us. This is achieved by practicing customer relationship management and maintaining a customer’s relations program for every customer.

Reliability:Over the past three years, we have built a dependable character among our staff and clients; always available to assist our customers achieve their core objectives in business; and our services are free from random error because you are guaranteed that they will yield consistent results.

Credibility: Initially, buyers are skeptical; therefore it’s our duty as Linx Network Solutions is to prove that we can deliver. We shall do this with testimonials, facts and figures with visual proof for example in website development so that we can show before and after photographs. Our employees are also positive minded and are always willing to endeavor no matter the circumstances.